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Dugite, Handcrafted Australian Whiskey (700ml)


Dugite, Handcrafted Australian Whiskey

40% ABV


Made in Great Southern Distilling Co’s (Limeburners, Giniversity, Tiger Snake) Porongurup distillery where it is aged for a minimum of two to three years in American oak barrels,  the Dugite earned its name thanks to one of two species of deadly snake found at the Porongurup distillery, which are endemic to the Great Southern, and can occasionally be found curling under an ageing barrel.


Dugite is a blended grain whiskey, incorporating some of the Great Southern Distilling Company’s premium single malt whisky and mixed grain whiskey (barley, corn, wheat and rye), resulting in a smooth and well-balanced dark spirit.

Dugite is highly approachable and flavoursome. Delicious drunk neat, mixed with a dash of dry ginger, or as the base in a whiskey cocktail, this is a whiskey for the everyday Australian.


Here’s what Oz Whisky Review have to say about this new release.


Tasting Notes

Nose: Freshly malted barley, stone fruits of peaches, nectarines and apricots, honey sweetness.

Palate: Fruit salad and malted barley, beeswax and icing sugar.

Finish: Toasted almonds and peppery spice.