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Charles Oates, Tasmanian Apple Brandy (700ml)


Charles Oates,

Tasmanian Apple Brandy

42.1% ABV


The still is a Charentais alembic still, the design used in Normandy (France) to produce Calvados Pays d'Auge.
The Charentais alembic still was designed in the early 16th century in the Cognac region of France where it is still used for fine Cognac production.
They produce an aged apple brandy from their still, in the same style as Calvados.
They also produce a lighter apple spirit, Charles Oates Apple Blanco, a delicately flavoured spirit.

After patient ageing in ex-fortified wine barrels, the casks are carefully selected and blended to produce an elegant and outstanding spirit that shows layers of baked apple, sweet caramel and fruit cake aromatics. 

Smooth and persistent, this brandy creates a unique opportunity for the inspired craft spirits drinker to expand their repertoire.

Enjoy as a digestif or with matured cheese or rich dessert.