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Milk & Honey, Classic Single Malt Israeli Whisky (700ml)


Milk & Honey Distillery, Classic Single Malt

Israeli Single Malt

46% ABV


Matured under the Tel-Avivian sun


The Milk & Honey Classic single malt whisky is made using the finest ex-bourbon casks and special red-wine STR casks, giving it a light and balanced character.


Nose: Gentle vanilla sweetness, followed by light oak and floral notes.

Palate: Light body, vanilla, caramel and honey sweetness, balanced by woody notes and light black pepper spiciness.

Finish: Short but delicate. The oak notes lingers in the palate for a while with a nice light spiciness.


From Whisky Magazine's Becky Paskin:

Nose: Beautiful wine character with aromas of molasses, sticky strawberry jam and overripe figs, but with a crunchy malt element.

Palate: Light and fresh despite the jammy nose. Fresh fruits – strawberries and juicy grapes, then comes along a malty and musty floor character.

Finish: Strawberry jelly, red wine and a hint of charred oak.

Comment: Really well balanced. Excellent use of wine casks to mature a young spirit.


Milk & Honey is Israel's first single malt whisky distillery. It began operating in 2014 in the south of Tel Aviv. All of the distillery’s products are Kosher.

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