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Cadenhead, Old Raj Gin (700ml)

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Old Raj Gin 700ml

55% ABV


A premium, navy strength Scottish gin flavoured with saffron - one of the world's most prized commodities. It has a gently spicy flavour, and a faintly yellow hue.

Old Raj gin has been produced fsince 1972 and is available at 46% and 55% abv. Bottling takes place in Campbeltown. This quality floral gin has a slight yellow tint due to the addition of the saffron. This valuable and rare ingredient is added post distillation.

All of the botanicals are distilled with the base spirit except saffron, which is infused with gin following distillation because of its delicacy. This gin product is bottled at 55% ABV and is sometimes referred to as Old Raj 'Blue Label' to differentiate from its lower-ABV counterpart (which uses a red label).


" The similarities on the nose and palate are much the same as the Red Label. Coriander, citrus peel and juniper stand out. The saffron and orris lend a very light floral touch. Classic all-around. As the red and blue label just differ with their proofs, we'd advise to use the Blue Label when making boozy stirred drinks, particularly a Martini or a Negroni." - Stephanie Moreno, Distiller