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1731 Fine & Rare Dominican Republic Rum 5YO (700ml)


1731 Fine & Rare,

Dominican Republic 5YO

Single Origin Rum

46% ABV



1731 Fine & Rare represents a new perspective on rum, bringing great taste from the past centuries directly to the glass. The Regional Blends and Single Origin Rums product lines include rums from Central America to the tip of the South American continent.
Each bottling offers a distinctive character that speaks volumes about its origin. The bottling is always in natural color, not chill-filtered and without sugar.

The basis for the Dominican Republic Rum from the Dutch 1731 Fine & Rare is freshly pressed sugar cane juice, which is distilled on column stills at the Alcoholes Finos Dominicanos distillery and then matured for 5 years in bourbon barrels.
Nose: Intense fruits, spices, vanilla pineapple and cinnamon.
Taste: Silky, soft oak notes and sweet vanilla.
Finish: Long and satisfyingly dry.