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Amrut, Raj Igala (700ml)


Amrut Raj Igala

Indian Single Malt Whisky

40% ABV



The Amrut Raj Igala is a relatively new addition to the Amrut stable but this particular batch offers an exciting twist to the classic formula.

This batch of Raj Igala was tailored specifically for the Australian market with Master Distiller Ashok Chokalingam personally overseeing its re-imagining.

Ashok's new recipe elevates Raj Igala to new heights, taking what was once a full ex-Bouron matured whisky and re-casking it in ex-Oloroso sherry casks adding a layer of dry sweetness and added complexity.

This vatting of Raj Igala is both an excellent affordable introduction to Amrut's house style whilst also offering something new for long-time fans to enjoy.


Tasting Notes

Appearance Deep burnished gold.

Nose : Fruity. Notes of citrus fruit and melon. Creamy peach and caramel;

Taste : Full-bodied and balanced. Notes of honey and fruit (peach, citrus fruit). Slightly oily and spicy (black pepper);

Finish : Long and mellow.


About the Distillery

Amrut are the pioneers of Indian single malt whisky being the first to be made in India. Amrut or amrita is a Sanskrit word which can be translated as "nectar of the gods", "nectar of life", or "drink of the gods". The distillery sources its barley from the Himalayas and ages the whisky at an altitude of over 3,000 feet above sea level in Bangalore. In this climate, the angels take way more than their share as up to 15% of the whisky is lost to evaporation per year. The resulting spirit has netted Amrut with hundreds of awards around the globe.

"Great quality is not a choice, 
It is the inevitable result of the environment we create."

Neelakanta R. Jagdale
Chairman & Managing Director