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Amrut, Single Cask, Oloroso Cask#3897 (700ml)


Amrut Single Cask No 3897


Amrut explained during our recent visit this whisky is unique in many ways. What intrigued the Spirit Safe team was the technique used to produce a totally unfiltered single malt whisky.

  • This involved decasking the whisky and letting it settle in a vat for 3 days totally undisturbed.
  • Calculating how much water was required to cut the whisky to 60% ABV and very slowly dripping the water over 36 hours into the vat, not disturbing any sediment.
  • When complete, a slow syphon was used to fill the bottles from the top of the vat and into the bottles, all the time checking the ABV was correct and the liquid in the bottles were pure with no sediment or unwanted substance.
  • All sediment etc was left in the bottom of the vat for disposal.
  • Why do all this?
  • This whisky now has all of its natural oils and lipids which are commonly lost or greatly reduced in a filtration process.
  • Leaving a delightful full flavoured, full-textured whisky on the sweeter side. A bottle of whisky as close as possible to its last days in the cask.