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Anther, Mooncake Gin (700ml)


Anther, Mooncake Gin

46% ABV


Anther Moon Cake Gin was created by Joey Tai, legend of Australian hospitality industry.   

Joey wanted to create a gin that spoke to her heritage, growing up in Hong Kong, and her career as an Australian distiller playing with native Australian flavours. Joey has combined traditional Moon Cake Festival flavours like Red Date, Lotus Seeds, and Rose with vibrant Aussie botanicals like Lemon Gum and finger lime.  Anther Moon Cake Gin has deep warm sweet and spice notes and a bright citrusy pop. It's a flavour ride! It is 46%ABV and was first release in 2022. 

Joey says, ‘I’ve wanted to create this gin for a while, and I am thankful I get to do it with the Anther team. It’s great to be working in a business and industry that you can be creative and play with flavours. And I really wanted to show that the flavours I knew growing up in Hong Kong has great possibility to work with Australia’s booming gin ingredients.’   

Anther Moon Cake Gin is super limited, only 300 bottles were made!