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Archie Rose, Special Release, Good(e) Whisk(e)y (700ml)


Archie Rose, Special Release

Good(e) Whisk(e)y

46% ABV


When Cellar Hand (now Distiller) Mr Goode accidentally vatted Single Malt and Rye Malt Whisky together he was crestfallen. The mixture of the two whiskies meant that spirit could be neither Single Malt nor Rye Malt Whisky anymore.

A curiosity to see what this serendipitous concoction might taste like drove Master Distiller Dave Withers and Senior Blender David Fisher to grab a glass and inspect the spirit themselves. On nosing and tasting the spirit it was found that the two whiskies offered the expressive oak of the rye with the charismatic flavours of the roasted malts. It was pronounced that the hybrid whisky was “good” and that the mistake of the still startled Mr Goode should be memorialised with a release.

To ensure they could share the serendipitous folly of Mr Goode further, they decided to add a few more barrels of Single Malt and Rye Malt Whisky to the blend, finessing the flavour and ensuring we can tell more whisky lovers about the beauty of chance in the whisky world.