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Basil Hayden's, 8YO Kentucky Straight Bourbon (750ml)


Basil Hayden's, 8YO Kentucky Straight Bourbon

40% ABV

The Basil Hayden name dates back over two hundred years, to the earliest period of bourbon production in Maryland and Kentucky.

Kentucky was the new land of promise, and one which appeared to offer everything needed for superior whiskey development.


Basil Hayden’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is aged for 8 years in the Kentucky Hills, producing an immensely smooth and very rich style of Bourbon.

It displays aromas of spice, tea, and peppermint, and on the palate, spicy and peppery notes lead into a honeyed sweetness.


Due to the trademark elegance of Basil Hayden, this is a Bourbon that can be truly savoured and enjoyed in true style.