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Chief's Son, 900 Pure Malt 45% (700ml)


Chief's Son Distillery, 900 Pure Malt

45% ABV

You won't taste this style of Single Malt from any other distillery “in the world”.

The 900 Pure Malt switches out the peat for some darker specialty malt and is distilled using a very unique process, creating a crisp, full bodied, deep malt explosion of caramel, toffee and baked fruits. 

All matured in ex fortified French Oak barrels.


Appearance – Madeira, brilliant clarity, 6/10 viscosity.

Nose – Baked stone fruits, scorched sugar almonds & caramelised pears.

Taste – Concentrated malt, smooth alcohol, balanced sweetness with toffee.

Finish – Medium, creamy malt, slightly sherry & smooth oak.