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Chief's Son, 900 Standard 60% (700ml)


Chief's Son Distillery, 900 Standard

60% ABV

This beautifully smooth, full bodied, warm rich red whisky bears the Chief's Son Standard whisky insignia.

It is crafted from a base and a specialty malt, including a small percentage of peated malt to impart a deep caramel flavour.

Matured in ex-fortified French Oak.

Recently awarded a Master in the Whisky Master Asia- Luxury awards & a Gold in the Whisky Master Asia awards.


Appearance – Oloroso, brilliant clarity, 8/10 viscous.

Nose – Big baked stone fruits and dark vanilla, old oaked sherry & warm caramel with crisp toffee. Very old oak & sweet tobacco.

Taste – Very big, round & smooth, concentrated dark malts with sherry, a hint of dark chocolate, brittle toffee & liquorice.

Finish – Long, warm sherried & old oak.