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Chief's Son, Cask Expression, Imperial Porter Cask (700ml)


Chief's Son Distillery, Cask Expression, Imperial Porter Cask

47.85% ABV

Cask Expression, Release 2 "Not A Beer"


‘Imperial Porter’ is a phrase borrowed from Mornington Peninsula Brewery. In 2019, MPBrew aged a batch of their incredible Russian ‘Imperial’‘ Stout in one of Chief's Sons' ex 900 Standard Whisky barrels. So intense was the flavour, they needed to ‘cut the beer’ and decided to use ‘Porter’ rather than Stout… The result was the first ‘Imperial Porter’ and their exact words were… ‘that’s the best beer we’ve ever made’.


The second Cask Expression release from Chief's Son reflects the finishing of 900 Standard single malt in 50% Russian ‘Imperial’ Stout and 50% ‘Porter’ barrels.


The Porter introduces heavy coffee and chocolate characteristics, whilst the boldness of the Stout introduces liquorice, dark fruits and brown malts. Combined, they lift the aromas, morph into dark sweetness and carry the spirit off into deep dreams.