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Chief's Son, Tanist (700ml)


Chief's Son, The Tanist

Australian Single Malt Whisky

43% ABV


This extraordinarily smooth, sweet, yet rich whisky is forged by a long marriage of spirit in ‘double wood’, essentially using two types of oak barrels to mature the spirit. The early smooth honey, sweet vanilla and citrus character is derived from the harder American oak, whilst the bold rich flavours of stone fruits, dark toffees and old sherry come from the lush French oak casks. The rich, oily malts create a honey-like mouthfeel and a beautifully long finish.



Auburn, brilliant clarity, 7/10 viscosity.


Sweet peaches in syrup, wild honey, soft citrus and vanilla, combined with old sherry and crisp toffee.


Silky sweet honey, rich vanilla, gentle sherry oak, roasted malts and dark toffee with a length of sweet smoke.


Complex, deep vanilla toffee, sherry and oak.