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Copper Fox, Original Rye (750ml)


Copper Fox, Original Rye

45% ABV


Distilled from a unique blend of thoroughbred grains from the Northern Neck of Virginia; 2/3 rye, 1/3 barley, hand-malted and kiln-dried with applewood and cherrywood smoke.

Double pot-distilled at a low 150 to 160 proof to enhance the fruitiness and matured in ex-bourbon barrels with progressive infusions of toasted apple wood and oak chips.


Tasting Notes

Nose: Sensual aromas of butter roasted chestnuts, clay, dried apple and pickling spices, rye grain sacks

Palate: Silky, with dried fruit and nuts, medium-to-full body, warm and inviting

Finish: Honeyed rye toast, peppery spice, cola, fig and mineral rich


Wonderfully balanced with a great combination of creamy, spicy and subtle understated smoke perfect for all applications and occasions.

A great crossover for inquiring bourbon drinkers.