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Copper Fox, Peachwood Single Malt (750ml)


Copper Fox, Peachwood Smoked Single Malt

48% ABV


Copper Fox's continuing quest to bring new flavours to the whisky world led them to the delicate complexities of peachwood.

Both as a smoking medium during the kiln drying process and as a maturing catalyst inside our barrels, peachwood contributes a symphony of fruity, floral notes to the signature single malt.

"All we are saying, is give peach a chance!"


Nose: Complex aromas of ripe stone fruit, sweet smoke/ash (campfire)and cinnamon pastry

Palate: Medium-full body; just slightly tannic/drying, sweet but earthy at the same time; syrupy mouthfeel; flavors of marzipan, clove, orange zest, and underneath it all a subtle, salty smokiness

Finish: Medium-long, dried fruit, raw honey, and toasted oak notes


Recommended for sipping but unique cocktail possibilities abound.