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Copper Fox, Sassy Malt, Single Malt Rye (750ml)


Copper Fox, Sassy Malt, Single Malt Rye

48% ABV


The flavour journey continues!

True to the Copper Fox craft and wanting to bring new flavours to the whisky world, this unique single malt rye is floor malted then lightly toasted and dried in the kiln with a light to medium sassafras smoke.

The sassafras root actually comes from the farm in the Northern Neck of Virginia where their grain is grown.

The whisky is then aged with a progressive series of hand toasted, select seasoned, new and used applewood and oak chips inside ex-bourbon barrels then transferred to a second ex-bourbon barrel.


Nose: Aromas of anise, cinnamon and cola.

Palate: Coats the tongue with a smoky spiciness that lingers on the palate

Finish: Eventually mellows into notes of cranberries and black liquorice.


Recommended for sipping but unique cocktail possibilities abound.