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Copperworks, American Malt R034 Peated (750ml)


Copperworks, American Malt R034 Peated

52% ABV



Made from locally grown barley that was malted with peat in Washington State. The peat is harvested by a backhoe from a lakebed from the only peat bog in Washington that can be commercially harvested. The major difference between Islay peat and peat from Washington State is the makeup of the decayed vegetation. Seattle, Washington is well known for their evergreen forests which results in notes of pine resin. Folks in Perth that have tried it are equating the flavour profile similar to an IPA from the West Coast.


Tasting Notes

Aroma: Campfire, roasted tomatoes, and exotic spices

Palate: Roasted almonds, toast, and orange zest.

Finish: Long, hickory, cedar, and wet earth end with briny and wood note