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Copperworks, Australian Exclusive Single Malt (750ml)


Copperworks, Cask 236: Australian Exclusive Single Cask

59.95% ABV


This release has been bottled at a natural strength of 59.95% abv. Non chill filtered, no artificial colouring, with 221 bottles coming from the barrel, and 210 bottles arriving in Australia (the rest sit in the US as archive stock). This whiskey is just over three years old (38 months) aged in American new oak, and is based off a Scotch ale beer style (five malts, still a single malt)


Tasting Notes

Nose: Alcohol hits the nose but quickly dissipates, leaving cut grass, spices – dill, black pepper, clove, sage pine resin. Citrus fruits, lemon, mandarin and melon rind and some caramel

Palate: Grassy with spices up front but with a bit of sweetness, brown sugar, black berries, cinnamon, nutmeg, baked apples and baking chocolate

Finish: Long, cinnamon apples, brown sugar and black tea.

Plays very well with water and ice.