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Far North Queensland Rum, Platinum Cane Spirit (700ml)


Far North Queensland Rum Co, 

Platinum Cane Spirit

37% ABV


Made from sugar cane syrup and boasting fresh, light hypnotic elements resulting in a sensory tactile experience.

For complete clarity the distillate is filtered through Cairns Tablelands volcanic rock.


Fantastic with freshly juiced pineapples.

Cocktail – Far North Mojito.

Ingredients:  60ml FNQ Rum Co. Rum, 1 Lime cut into 8ths, 30ml Sugar syrup, 10-12 mint leaves, CAPI Soda Water.

Method:  Squeeze 7 of the lime wedges and drop into glass. Clap mint leaves with hands and add to glass along with sugar syrup, muddle contents 3-4 times with muddler.  Add FNQ Rum Co. Platinum Rum and fill glass with crushed ice. Mix and top glass up with sparkling mineral water then garnish with sprig of mint and a lime wedge.