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Fleurieu Distillery, Englishman in New York (700ml)

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Fleurieu Distillery,

Englishman in New York

46% ABV


limited to 550 hand-numbered bottles. 

This Fronti/Tawny barrel offering is a vatting of five 100L first fill barrels.  

Fronti (formerly known as white port, but no longer due to Geographic Appellation laws) is a mixture of predominately Muscat Blanc Petit Grains, Muscadelle and Semillon, the grapes are harvested late in the season to achieve rich and intense flavours. 

It could possibly be described as part way between a Tokay and a Sauternes in character.

At long last the final in our trilogy of Tawny releases is here!


After ‘Message In A Bottle’ and ‘Tea In The Sahara’, the new release ‘Englishman In New York’ is a celebration of remaining true to oneself. 

Even now in these modern times, we live in a society that constantly tries to influence us to be something other than ourselves.  

A marriage of Tawny and Fronti casks, ‘Englishman in New York’ delivers the traditional Fleurieu Distillery coastal umami character overlaid with a sweet salt finish.

As we continue stepping into a decade of change, we hope this delicious dram will assist you to “… be yourself, no matter what they say”.


Tasting Notes


Colour – Light Copper

Nose – Maple syrup, with a Fruchoc-style light stone fruit, malt cereal

Palate – Honey on toast, brown sugar, dried fruit spice, candied orange peel

Finish – Long, hints of glace ginger, and quince paste, followed by sea salt roasted chestnuts, luscious and lingering