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Gordon & MacPhail, Distillery Labels, Glen Grant 1952 (700ml)


Gordon & MacPhail - Distillery Labels, Glen Grant 1952

ABV 40%

Bottled: 2012, 60YO

Colour: Golden Amber.

Body: Medium.

Finish: Long and smooth.

Cask Type: First fill Sherry butt and refill Sherry hogshead.

Style: Greatly aged Speyside dram.


Tasting Notes

AROMA without water Delicate Sherry notes with polished leather and ripe banana aromas. Herbal and earthy notes develop.

TASTE without water Smoky and peppery with a subtle phenolic edge. Underlying Sherry character remains with apple and pear flavours.

AROMA with water Sherry influences with beeswax and a subtle tobacco edge. Pear and apricot aromas linger.



Region: Speyside

Status: Operational

Owner: Campari

Founded: 1840

Location: Rothes.

Water Source: Caperdonich Well.

Glen Grant Glen Grant Distillery was the first of five to be built in the town of Rothes. It was built by John & James Grant, two brothers who had previously been involved in illicit distilling. The Glen Grant stills are a unique shape with an almost square section between the pot and the neck. This, together with purifiers on the lye arms, contributes, to Glen Grant's light, gentle character. Glen Grant is one of the world's biggest-selling Malt Whiskies, with Italy being a significant market.