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Hunter Laing, Scarabus Islay Single Malt Batch Strength (700ml)


Hunter Laing, Scarabus Batch Strength

Islay Single Malt Whisky

57% ABV


Scarabus, an Islay Single Malt for those with a curious mind and an eye for detail.  A whisky bold and honest about its origins and just a little mysterious about everything else.

The brand creates a sense of mystery and discovery through the tagline “only those who seek shall find” and through the intentionally ambiguous symbols incorporated on the label. The look and feel drew inspiration from the work of Islay born John Francis Campbell, who created the sunshine recorder, a device that tallies the hours of sunshine in a day, as well as creating a vast collection of Celtic folklore tales.

Scarabus is known as a mystical area on the Isle of Islay, and the name dates back to 13th century, and translates to “a rocky place” in Old Norse.

Bottled at cask strength.


Tasting Notes: Powerful notes of beach bonfires and Islay peat smoke combined with liquorice, toffee and vanilla. A long lasting finish with lingering ashy notes.