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Hunter Laing, The Kinship 2021 Collection, (6 x 700ml)


Hunter Laing, 2021 Kinship Series


A beautiful suite of six ancient whisky gems, the Kinship Series is a yearly release from Independent Bottler, Hunter Laing & Co. celebrating the Feis Ile Festival as their new Ardnahoe Distillery comes on-line.

Highly sought after and in short supply, the series is available in its individual parts or as a whole.


No. 1, Bowmore 1987 (33YO), 51.2%  

The delicate peatiness of this whisky melts into sweet floral notes on the nose making this remarkably well-rounded.

Sophisticated on the palate with sweet vanilla fruitiness, white pepper, and finally a peaty element.

A truly special whisky - worthy of its Bowmore name!


No. 2, Bruichladdich 1991 (29YO), 45.4%

A delightful whisky combining soft fruits, honey and a hint of iodine with sea salt.

Wonderfully balanced in the mouth with all flavours acting as one, seguing from sweet to fruity then leaving a slightly dry sea salt finish.

A lovely example of this giant of the Rhinnes!


No. 3, Bunnahabhain 1989 (31YO), 46.9% 

A sweet mellow nose of custard drizzled over spiced fruit cake.

Oily and mouth-warming, the sweet spicy notes come through in force along with the faintest hint of cocoa.

Long and lingering on the finish; a warm embrace of Islay charm.


No. 4, Caol Ila 1980 (40YO), 51.8% 

Wonderfully sweet floral notes on the nose, wrapped up in the warm sea breeze that Islay has in abundance.

Mellow and silky smooth in the mouth with apples, honeydew melon and Seville orange, slowly giving way to a long satisfying finish with just a hint of seaweed.

A showcase of the quality of this distillery's spirit, which impresses at any age.


No. 5, Ardbeg 19YO, 47.8%

This well-aged Ardbeg is rich and intense on the nose, initially sweet before the peaty sea salt character takes over.

Sublime notes of vanilla fudge and almonds on the palate blending with the saltiness of the Islay peatbog.

The length of the finish gives plenty of time to contemplate this south-coast charmer.


No. 6, Laphroaig 1997 (23YO), 50.5%

A whisky full of character, strong-bodied with vanilla sponge cake, toffee, aniseed and Islay sea breeze on the nose.

On the palate this Laphroaig is surprisingly subtle with vanilla sweetness complementing a beautifully nutty element, along with typical Isaly peat smoke, iodine and leather which linger into the finish.

A perfect fireside companion.