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Isle of Harris, Gin (700ml) and Hearach (700ml)

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Isle of Harris

The Two Spirits Set

45% 700ml, 46% 700ml




The Isle of Harris Distillery began with a simple idea.

Over the decades, our island has suffered from a long-term decline in population, our community's numbers having halved over the last fifty years.

As young people leave our shores to seek their fortune, few are able to return to find work, set down roots and build a life in the place they called home. We believe that a distillery, built for not just years but for generations, can be a way to help stem this tide.

In 2015, the distillery started life with just 10 people and an ambition to double in number over the next five years. Today, we're proud to say we employ over 50 permanent staff, a highly significant number in an island of fewer than 2000 inhabitants.

As a catalyst for positive change within our community, we continue to work with purpose, bringing new life to our island and supporting its aspirations to survive and thrive as we move forward together.

Now with the Hearach single malt whisky matured and ready to take on the world, the Isle of Harris Two Spirits Set is complete.  Own your own little piece of the island with this twin pack of Whisky and Gin - For, With and From The Isle of Harris.  


 Winner of Scottish Gin Awards  -Scottish Gin Of The Year 2018- 

"They’ve done things differently. They’ve done things better. And for my money, there’s not a gin out there I’ve tried which can surpass it."  - From The Gin Shelf

"...all the hallmarks to be the new Hendrick’s." - Gin Foundry