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Isle of Harris, The Hearach Batch 7 With Gift Box (700ml)


Isle of Harris

The Hearach Single Malt Whisky (Batch 7)

46% 700ml




The Hearach is the first, historic single malt whisky from the Isle of Harris, as they revive the distilling traditions lost during the Pabbay clearances of the 1840s.

This dram is the result of a considered conversation between people and place, coming together to create an elegant spirit of complexity and character. 

The work of the island's men and women intertwines with the natural world to weave together an Outer Hebridean whisky of distinction. 

Every drop of this new dram is being distilled by local people to produce a special spirit which has been matured, married, and bottled here in this elemental place, and nowhere else.

The Hearach is bottled at 46% abv, non-chill filtered, and free from artificial colouring.


Released in batches of around 12,000 bottles

Each batch is 'married' for a minimum of 12 weeks

The youngest spirit in each batch is 5 years old

Matured in first-fill ex-Bourbon casks, Oloroso and Fino butts

Lightly peated (12-15 ppm)


Tasting Notes:

“On the nose, I find there’s a caramel note, like when butter and sugar are melting in a pan when I’m making tablet. There’s a spicy, delicate white port aroma, and faint almonds like marzipan. There are flowers, like the wee purple flowers on a hill near my childhood home. When I taste it without water it’s silky smooth and just a very, very delicate smokiness, like the smell from the peat-burning Raeburn stove in my granny’s scullery. Adding a wee bit of water, and I get berries and meringue-like an ‘Eton mess’ pudding. The fruits and spice remind me of my mother’s auntie pouring a wee sherry and enjoying a slice of Christmas cake by the fire. There’s so much going on in my glass. it’s lovely.”

Marier Morrison, Stockinish, Isle of Harris


The Story: Batch #7

“It’s mid-August, and subtle signs across the island suggest that summertime is passing and the seasons are about to turn once more. The sheep are well shorn and their lambs have grown fat on grass. Out at sea, the dolphins and whales scoop up the last of the summer bounty of mackerel and herring. On the moor, peats are almost dry and ready to lift, and upon the hill, the heather bloom is reaching its peak, painting the landscape with the purple of their bell-headed blossoms. Perhaps the surest sign of change is the swift shortening of the days. As Autumn beckons and the colours change, we’re looking forward to golds and ambers of a different sort...a special whisky is coming.”

Mike Donald - Chief Storyteller