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Jaan, Premium Paan Liqueur 25% 750ml

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Jaan, Premium Paan Liqueur

25% 750ml


Paan the flagship creation combines the enticing aromas of sweet Indian herbs and spices infused with maple, vanilla, and citrus. It is the eetha Paan just in the liquid form.

Jaan Paan is a liquid twist on the Meetha (sweet) paan (minus the betel nut), with Gulkand (rose petal Jam), Khajoor (dried date) and Sauf (fennel) inspired flavours on a base of Canadian grain spirit sweetened with maple syrup. Thandek (menthol) is added for a palate cleansing burst.

Paan is a South Asian dish of fruits and other spices rolled in beetle leaf. The traditional after dinner restorative dates back centuries. Nimatnama-i Nasiruddin-Shahi, a 16th-century Indian cookbook, describes tender betel leaves sprinkled with rosewater, topped with saffron, fragrant spices and chopped areca (betel) nuts, then rolled into an elaborate betel chew or paan.

Jaan Paan Liqueur is a sweet paan-flavoured spirit/liqueur. It is made with neutral grain spirit, Canadian maple syrup, and a blend of herbs and spices, excluding areca nut. It is produced and bottled in Toronto, Ontario, Canada



Official Tasting Notes

Nose: Chocolate, cassis, a wee touch of fresh mint

Taste: Sweetness, Honey.