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Kilchoman, 100% Islay 13th Edition (700ml)


Kilchoman Distillery - Islay's Farm Distillery

100% Islay, 13th Edition (2023)

ABV 50%


The 100% Islay 13th Edition was distilled from barley grown on the farm at Kilchoman in 2012, 2013 and 2014, it was then matured for a minimum of 8 years before 44 bourbon barrels were selected for this year’s release of bottles.
Kilchoman Distillery is situated on Rockside Farm which covers around 3,000 acres on the north-west coast of Islay.  Most of the area is marginal ground, only suitable for resilient breeds of cattle and sheep however they have 200 acres of good-quality soil surrounding the distillery.  It is here that the barley is grown for the annual 100% Islay editions. Not only is the barley grown on site but once it’s harvested, the team also malt the barley using traditional floor malting techniques; first germinating and then smoking the barley, using local Islay peat, to give the whisky its smoky character.


Tasting Notes


NOSE: Malt loaf, toffee apple, banana bread, citrus, lavender, pear drops, sea salt and hints of peat smoke.

PALATE: Fresh vanilla and fragrant peat smoke with caramel, barley blossom, sultanas and hints of spicy oak tannins.

FINISH: Silky viscosity with fresh crumpets, butter and honey.


“The 13th Edition is the first release since 2019 where I have opted for solely bourbon barrels.  The 44 bourbon barrels that I selected are predominantly fresh casks, this gives the whisky lovely layers of buttery vanilla and caramel flavours which pair beautifully with the citrus sweetness of our spirit,”

– Anthony Wills, Kilchoman Founder