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Kinglake Distillery, Full Noise Single Malt Whisky (500ml)


Kinglake Distillery, 

Full Noise Single Malt Whisky

60% ABV


After the customer feedback from their cask strength special release ‘Full Noise’ they have decided to make it part of their core range. The same distinctive spirit and ex-bourbon finish sweetness of their OG whisky, Full Noise is bottled straight from what they feel are ‘stand-out’ barrels.


About the Ditillery 

Kinglake Distillery is situated about 56kms north of the city of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. It boasts a wonderful climate for producing single malt. The whisky here is created from scratch by owners Sam Lowe & Chantal Daniels . Grinding their own malt, taking local water from a mountain stream rising on the distillery property. It’s natural, pure and totally unfiltered. 80% of the barley is farmed and malted in New South Wales and each grower is known to the team at the distillery personally. Bourbon, port and sherry barrels are all individually re-coopered to their requirements. Using their 2500 litre copper pot-still which was handmade for the distillery by Tasmania’s premier still-maker Knapp Lewer. It was engineered to produce a heavy, flavourful spirit.