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Launceston Distillery, Special Edition Peated Tawny Cask (500ml)


Launceston Distillery,

Special Edition Peated Tawny Cask

46% ABV


Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky


We are proud to offer the Launceston Distillery ‘Peated Special Edition’ – Bourbon and Tawny Cask Matured, a pleasantly peated pour of potable perfection straight out of Hanger 17  – the home of the Launceston Distillery.

An exclusive bottling for The Single Malt Whisky Club – from peated malt aged in bourbon and tawny casks (at approx. 80:20 ratio) and bottled at 46%. It’s a delightfully complex whisky that balances the smoke/sweet ratio nicely.

Made from unpeated Tasmanian and peated Scottish barley. This peated Launceston has none of the tarry, asphalt or medicinal/iodine notes that are often associated with peat – more a mild sweet smokiness over a sweet and fruity base. 



Colour: Midway between copper and rose-gold

Nose: Dusty antique furniture, sweet orange marmalade and a fresh, floral – almost minty – note.

Palate: Nicely coats the mouth with a light oiliness at first. A medium level of peaty-mustiness cuts through a sweet honeyed crumpet with a splash of vanilla and spice on the side.

Finish: A lengthy rollercoaster of smoky and sweet notes. Nice, long, warming and chewy!