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Loaded Barrel Distillery, Rye Whisky (500ml)


Loaded Barrel Distillery,

Rye Whisky

ABV 46.2%


Vanilla, smoke, spice and everything nice, this whisky comes with a perfect marriage of a 3-flavour combo. Barley and rye whisky finished in a cold-smoked ex-red wine barrel for an extra dimension.

Created for both rye and single malt drinkers, this dram melds the best aspects of the two grains into one whisky. The aroma lures you in with vanilla filled smoke, followed with a subtle rye kick.

On the palate the taste begins with classic single malt notes of oak-driven vanilla and toffee, closely followed by rye whisky’s signature spice. This is quickly mellowed by smooth applewood smoke that’s not
overpowering, finishing with Christmas spices that linger on the tongue until your next sip.

This whisky is made hybrid mash bill comprised of Australian heritage rye and single-origin barley, and is distilled as one whisky – not two whiskies from separate barrels blended together. Once distilled, the whisky has then been aged in virgin Serbian oak and customised virgin American oak direct from Kentucky, and then finished in a cold-smoked ex red-wine barrel for additional wood-driven complexity.

Our Rye is smoked, not peated – and is therefore less overpowering than peat. This has allowed us to create a more balanced whisky that contrasts sweetness, smokiness and spice against each other.

The applewood is cold-smoked into our red-wine barrels to create a barbeque like sweetness within the spirit when combined with our virgin oak.

All of our drams have been distilled in our tall and sleek custom-made pot-still, crafted to allow a large amount of passive reflux, and therefore create a lighter, fruitier and easy-to-drink spirit – just right for the Australian climate.

The Distillery

For those that love to go against the grain. We make truly Australian Spirits that break the mould. Flavours that change the way you think.