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Gordon & MacPhail, Rare Old, Lochside 1981 (700ml)


Gordon & MacPhail - Rare Old, Lochside 1981

ABV 46%

BOTTLED: 2015 (34YO)

COLOUR: Golden

BODY: Medium

FINISH: Medium to long finish with lingering fruit flavours

CASK: Refill remade Sherry hogshead

STYLE: Rare Old Highland dram which is fruity and aromatic


AROMA without water
Gorse flower aromas with pressed apple and Demerara sugar. Dark chocolate and ground coffee undertones are complemented by subtle fresh herbal notes.

TASTE without water
Ground white pepper initially followed by fragrant passion fruit flavours. Hints of raspberry and black currant mingle with chocolate on the palate offering a smooth fruity edge.

AROMA with water
Floral with delicate rose petal aromas, pear sweets and beeswax polish notes. A subtle menthol edge develops and combines with fresh hints of lime.

TASTE with water
Peppery with ripe banana, pear and charred oak flavours. A subtle liquorice edge lingers on the tongue.

Lochside Distillery



Region: Highland

Status: Demolished

Owner: None

Founded: 1957

Location: Montrose

Water Source: Underground Well


Lochside Distillery began life as a brewery in the 1890s. After closing in the 1950s the site was bought by Joseph Hobbs, who also ran the Ben Nevis Distillery and converted it into Lochside Distillery.

The new distillery contained 4 pot stills and a 21 metre high Coffey Still. Lochside Distillery was one of a few distilleries which produced both malt and grain whisky.

Following the death of Joseph Hobbs, his son, also Joe, ran the distillery until it was acquired by Destilerias y Crianza, of Madrid, in 1973.

The main purpose for the distillery was to produce Scotch Malt to blend with their own Spanish spirit. After years of industrious production Lochside Distillery fell victim to the drinks industry over-production problems of the early 1990s.