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Longrow, Peated (700ml)

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Peated Single Malt Whisky

46% ABV, NAS


Longrow is peated spirit from Springbank Distillery - and it shows! The same hand-crafted attention to detail is evident here, just a bit smokier!

The first distillation of Longrow was carried out as an experiment when Springbank's chairman set out to prove that it was possible to produce a heavily peated, Islay-style single malt whisky on the mainland. Longrow was distilled again a few years later and has since become an important part of Springbank's portfolio, with regular distillation having taken place since 1992.


Nose: Salt and a leathery smokiness come to the fore in a maritime combination, like a weathered fisherman's jacket.

Palate: Light and sweet with notes of green grapes and rhubarb, a great contrast to the nose. Then comes a big blast of smoke.

Finish: That salty smokiness returns from the nose providing a deeply satisfying ending.