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Method & Madness, Micro Distilled Irish Gin (700ml)

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Method & Madness,

Micro Distilled Irish Gin

43% ABV


While most distilleries move from gin to whiskey, METHOD AND MADNESS does things a little differently.

Consider it gintuition; the result of liquid experimentation at the Micro Distillery, Midleton.

This Irish Micro Distilled Gin contains 16 eclectic botanicals led by Black Lemon and Irish Gorse flower; giving it notes of citrus and spice with a measure of chaos.



Juniper berries, sweet & bitter orange peel, black lemon, lemon peel & lemon verbena,
coriander, cardamom & caraway seeds, ginger, nutmeg,
cassia bark, lavender, basil & bay leaves and irish gorse flower.



Tasting Notes:

Earthy, piney juniper, followed by both sweet and tart citrus, warming spice and a slightly nutty and floral undertone.