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Method & Madness, Single Malt Irish Whiskey (700ml)

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Method & Madness,

Single Malt Irish Whiskey

46% ABV


Sprung from the minds of masters and apprentices, Method and Madness is whiskey that pays heed to tradition while searching for unordinary.


An Irish single malt whiskey from Method And Madness, finished in French Limousin oak casks.

Bottled as a 14-year-old, this whiskey is believed to be have been distilled at the Bushmills distillery in Northern Ireland. The spirit itself dates from a period when Midleton's owners, Irish Distillers, also owned Bushmills.

Grain-forward, the malted barley is prominent on the nose here, while the French oak influence comes through on the palate and leads to a toasty finish.

46% and un-chill filtered.

Method And Madness is a series of whiskies from the Midleton distillery, the releases produced on a far smaller scale that the distillery's other flagships like Jameson and Redbreast. Experimentation and innovation is the goal here and they serve to showcase the breadth and depth of modern Irish whiskey.


Nose: Freshly shelled peanut and cereal malt aroma.

Palate: Cracked cinnamon stick and ice cream cone wafer.

Finish: Fragrant bon bons and a hint of tasted barley.