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Milk & Honey, APEX, Peated STR Cask (700ml)

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Milk & Honey, Apex

Peated STR Cask 

Israeli Single Malt Whisky

58.9% ABV 

The Milk & Honey Apex is the culmination of years of work and research that exemplifies our spirit of innovation and creativity.

Driven by boldness and an aspiration to reach new heights, we composed the Apex - an exclusive opportunity of limited editions.

This bottle of Milk & Honey Apex is an exploration of places and matters: our Head Distiller, Tomer Goren, specifically selects exceptional casks for each batch, chosen for their distinct location of maturation or to showcase the magic of wood and terroir.

Dedicated to true whisky lovers, the Milk & Honey Apex is intended to be savoured leisurely.

Layers are revealed one scent at a time, complexity develops, and flavours unlock as the whisky meets the air, or a drop of water, and lingers on the tongue.


This single malt whisky was crafted in ex-red wine casks that have been Shaved, Toasted and Re-charred and filled with our peated new make spirit.

The STR technique was developed by the late Dr. Jim Swan, who was our consultant and friend. This process enables the casks to release rich flavours and red fruit notes.


Kosher. Non chilled filter. Natural colour. 58.9% alc/vol



Sea breeze, gentle saltiness, stroke of varnish, gingerbread rich in cloves and allspice, hints of freshly cut hay. 


French vanilla cream, crushed white peppercorns, sweet mint, toasted dry leaves. 


Cinnamon, roasted chestnuts, buttery popcorn.