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Free Shipping on all orders over $200!

Milk & Honey, New Make Un-Aged Single Malt (700ml)


Milk & Honey Distillery,

New Make, Un-aged Single Malt

ABV 50% 

An outstanding whisky begins with an outstanding New Make.

New Make is the clear spirit flowing from our pot still, which after a few years of barrel ageing becomes whisky. While the wood and the ageing process are responsible for most of the final product characteristics, the New Make is the basis of every whisky - it allows us to taste and feel the beginning of a great single malt whisky and its malt and yeast flavours.

Our Single Malt New Make is double-distilled 100% malted barley and bottled at 50% abv./100 proof.

This is a delicate, smooth spirit, which is still complex and flavourful, despite its young age.


AROMA Malty sweetness, red fruit and marshmallow, with hints of clean air after the rain.

PALATE Medium body, malty sweetness and grassy green followed by delicate bitterness.

FINISH Medium length. Delicate bitter mouthfeel on the tongue, followed by malty sweetness that is expressed after swallowing, with hints of chocolate.