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Oak Bottle, Ageing Vessel 355ml


The Oak Bottle - 355mL

Introducing the world’s first Oak Bottle,

An American Oak maturation vessel made for wine, spirits, cocktails and beers.

Use this vessel to accelerate the oak-aging process, allowing you to add aroma and flavour into your wines, spirits, cocktails or beers.

Influences can be imparted in as little as 6 hours, and we recommended 30 fills can gain influence per bottle.

Create an oak-aged Manhattan, add oak to your Chardonnay, prep your Oak Bottle with Pedro Ximinez then add a finish to your whisky—the maturation possibilities reach as far as your creativity.


Making the aging process simple, fast and cost-effective,

For centuries, winemakers and distillers have used oak to bring out the best in wine and spirits.

Traditionally an expensive and slow process, the Oak Bottle utilises a simple volume to surface-area equation it’s easy to infuse a wine, spirit, cocktail or beer with a barrel-influence a lost faster.


Each Oak Bottle is pain-stakingly hand-crafted from sustainably-grown Americak Oak, then interior is charred to a medium level—just as a full-sized cask would be.