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Overeem, Port Cask Matured (700ml)

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Overeem Distillery, 
Port Cask Matured

43% ABV


Single Cask, Single Malt whisky from Tasmania matured in a single French oak Port cask chopped down to hold 100 litres.

This small cask size increases the speed of interaction between the wood, the liquid and the air, producing a more intense flavour.


Colour: Ruby



Chocolate covered raisins, caramel, butterscotch, turkish delight, crème brulee, plum pudding rum-soaked raisins, hint of fresh apple and charred oak.


Creamy, chocolate, mocha, spiced plum pudding, orange rind, wood smoke, Christmas cake, caramel, liquorice & malted barley.


Vanilla bean and spiced raisins. Complex and intriguing.