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Rampur, PX Sherry Cask (700ml)

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Rampur Distillery, Indian Single Malt Whisky

Pedro Ximenez Sherry Finish

45% ABV


Rampur PX Sherry Finish Indian Single Malt Whisky Non-Chill Filtered – A limited 48 Casks release.

A few exceptional casks of Rampur Single Malt Whisky post maturation in American Oak were handpicked by our Malt Master and transferred to PX Sherry Butts from Jerez, Spain for further maturation. The result is a rich and fruity whisky with layers of complex spice and dried fruit.


On the Nose: A flare of sweet spiced aroma evoking the nostalgic notes of toffee, dried fruits and cinnamon; a dash of creamy vanilla and rain forest honey follows.

On the Palate: Rich sweet caramel twirled with layers of spices entices the taste buds to detect winey texture & mouth feel.

Finish: Long finish with dried fruits; complementing the vanilla & honey after taste.


Rampur is a non-chill filtered single malt, distilled and matured in the foothills of the Himalayas. The distillery uses traditional copper pot stills and is the oldest distillery in India, dating from 1943 with 75 years of distillation expertise. The Himalayas provide polar opposite of climate conditions throughout the year with the flavour of the famous Indian summer giving Rampur an added dimension and depth.

As Indian whisky matures significantly more quickly than other whiskies such as Scotch and Irish whiskies, Rampur benefits from a smooth, mellow taste with a long lasting finish in a relatively short time.