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Rochfort Distillery, Yangarra Shiraz Cask, 21st Release (Gold) (700ml)

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Rochfort Distillery, Yangarra Shiraz Cask

64.4% ABV, 21st Release


This 15 year old cask has been graced with some award winning Yangarra Estate reds, including shiraz that was made from hand picked, organically-grown grapes.


The nose resembles an English garden, freshly cut stone fruit, peeled oranges and a hint of spiced apple.

Sweet fruit welcomes the palate along with creamy butterscotch oils, before light spice and soft caramels combine.

A BIG finish, spice drives a numbing experience to sides of the tongue before the dram nestles across every inch of the palate, coating it in one of the best shiraz cask expressions we have seen to date.