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Signatory Vintage, Ibisco Decanter Glenrothes 24YO (700ml)


Signatory Vintage,

Ibisco Decanter Glenrothes 24YO

43% ABV


Cask Number(s): 6374
Date of Distilling: 11/04/1997
Date of Bottling: 12/04/2021
Matured In: a single Refill Sherry Cask


Signatory Vintage are an independent bottler founded in 1988 by Andrew and Brian Symington. The name ‘Signatory’ was derived from the initial intention to find a person of suitable standing to sign the labels for bottles drawn from a single cask. The first cask bottled was a 1968 Glenlivet which quickly sold through long before any suitable signee could be found.Signatory currently bottle at three strengths: 43%, 46% Unchillfiltered (UCF) and Cask Strength.To add proof of authenticity to their cask strength bottlings, Signatory always include the cask numbers, date of distillation, date of bottling and number of bottles produced.Signatory Vintage’s aim is to offer as wide a range of whiskies as possible, some of which are not even bottled by the proprietary distillery. This allows malt enthusiast to sample the huge variety of subtle differences which occur between casks.


The Glenrothes Distillery is an award winning Speyside Single Malt Whisky of exceptional quality. A combination of many factors including unusually slow distillation process in tall copper pot stills deliver a characteristic sweet, fruity and elegant spirit. Each expression has its own unique personality, underpinned by the distinctive, hallmark characteristics of the distillery – ripe fruits, citrus, vanilla and an exquisite spicy finish all encased in the creamiest of textures and with a complex and well-poised balance.

Signatory's Decanter Ibisco Collection is always value for money - when you know the outstanding quality of the stuff that doesn't get to go in these decanters, it's best to take notice when Andrew and Des decide that one of their casks is worthy of their fancy Ibisco glassware. In this case, Glenrothes 1997 cask 6374 made the cut, yielding 662 bottles of lovely 24-year-old Speyside single malt at 43%. For such a handsomely packaged 24-year-old single malt whisky from a great distillery we reckon this is fantastic value.

This single malt whisky was distilled in 1997 at the Glenrothes distillery before being placed in a single ex Refill Sherry Cask and left to mature for 24 years. In 2021 it was bottled at 43% abv. Only 662 bottles were produced for worldwide consumption.


Tasting Notes

Nose: Freshly baked apple pie, chocolate fudge, sponge cake, dry sherry and a hint of nutmeg.

Palate: Dark fruits of fig, plum and cherry combine with dark toffee and dry sherry oak.

Finish: Orchard fruits and dry sherry.