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Single Malts of Scotland, Ardmore 1997 (23YO) (700ml)


Single Malts of Scotland,

Ardmore 1997 (23YO)

55.1% ABV


This single malt was distilled at Ardmore distillery in 1997 and aged for more than 23 years in a single hogshead, yielding a total of 238 bottles.

Enticing aromas develop into characteristic peat smoke with plenty of fruit and a pleasant earthiness.

Region: Speyside


Tasting Notes:

Nose: Delicate campfire smoke is complemented by custard pastries and almond icing. Grapefruit and tarmacadam contrast nicely, followed quickly by a squeeze of lemon juice.

Palate: Peach juice and barbecued pork rind enrich the smoky palate. Subtly emerging behind is a blackberry compote with hints of pistachio nuts and apple peels.

Finish: A shadow of petrichor remains, along with cardamom pods and delicious peat smoke.



The Single Malts of Scotland is a range of superb vintage Single Malt Scotch Whiskies individually selected from our stocks of ageing casks from the six main producing regions of Scotland.

Only casks that are judged to have attained the required quality and character are bottled under The Single Malts of Scotland label.

To ensure each whisky maintains its original flavour and cask character, we do not chill-filter or add colour.