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Single Malts of Scotland, Bowmore 2003 (17YO) (700ml)

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Single Malts of Scotland,

Bowmore 2003 (17YO)

54.9% ABV


This single malt was distilled at Bowmore distillery in 2003 and aged for more than 17 years in a single barrel, yielding a total of 172 bottles.

Elegant smoke, baked goods and helpings of fruit, along with a touch of brininess, combine to create a distinctive Islay dram.


Tasting Notes

Nose: Like sitting by an Islay harbour – the scents of gentle smoke and just-cast fishing nets fill the air. Hints of wildflowers, mingling with zesty, tropical fruit bring an endearing contrast.

Taste: A slice of apple pie, just out of the oven and slightly overcooked, is accompanied by salted caramel sauce and a spoonful of floral honey.

Finish: A touch of brine rests on, along with baking spice and elegant smoke.



The Single Malts of Scotland is a range of superb vintage Single Malt Scotch Whiskies individually selected from our stocks of ageing casks from the six main producing regions of Scotland.

Only casks that are judged to have attained the required quality and character are bottled under The Single Malts of Scotland label.

To ensure each whisky maintains its original flavour and cask character, we do not chill-filter or add colour.