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Free Shipping on all orders over $200!

Single Malts of Scotland, Ledaig 2005 (16YO) (700ml)


Single Malts of Scotland,

Ledaig 2005 (16YO)

53.0% ABV


This single malt was distilled at Tobermory distillery in 2005 and aged for more than 16 years in a single barrel, yielding a total of 226 bottles.

Plenty of savoury character and delicious smoke are balanced by touches of fruit and florals.


Tasting Notes

Nose: Savoury-sweet aromas float in: chipotle-and-maple-syrup smoked bacon, followed by chocolate covered salted caramel sweets. Ripened persimmons and a vase of fresh lilacs follow on.

Taste: Some salinity, with notes of dry roasted peanuts and cornichons. This is balanced by some tart fruitiness – that of tangerines – which leads on to comforting baking spices.

Finish: A hint of charred pineapple remains, accented by some subtle mace.



The Single Malts of Scotland is a range of superb vintage Single Malt Scotch Whiskies individually selected from our stocks of ageing casks from the six main producing regions of Scotland.

Only casks that are judged to have attained the required quality and character are bottled under The Single Malts of Scotland label.

To ensure each whisky maintains its original flavour and cask character, we do not chill-filter or add colour.