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Free Shipping on all orders over $200!

Springbank, 10YO (700ml)

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Springbank Distillery,
10YO Single Malt Whisky

46% ABV

*Please note: All Springbank Distillery products are limited to ONE PER CUSTOMER*


There are distilleries in Scotland that inspire a sense of reverence due to their singular commitment from generation to generation. No fads, no computers, no fancy technology. ‘Traditional’ is a word that comes to mind, but its present day connotations with hackneyed Scotch Whisky marketing hype do this particular distillery an injustice.

Springbank is a monolith of Scotch done right - they're small - in fact, one of Scotland's smallest distilleries. They’re also family owned. Small batches and experimental runs are their bread and butter. More importantly, they maintain complete control of the production process - from their own water source, to the floor maltings, through to a seventy hour fermentation which is one of the slowest in the industry.

Experience what sets Springbank apart with this, their flagship dram.


Nose: The nose offers up plenty of oak, exotic spices, guava, heather honey and soft smoke.

Palate: A full, sweet, creamy palate with hints of smoke, marzipan and cigar boxes.

Finish: A smoky finish, trailing off on sweet cider and toasty barley.

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