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Free Shipping on all orders over $200!

Springbank, 12YO Cask Strength (2021 Release) (700ml)

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Springbank Distillery,

12YO Cask Strength (2021 Release)

55.4% ABV


*Please note: All Springbank Distillery products are limited to ONE PER CUSTOMER*

There are distilleries in Scotland that inspire a sense of reverence due to their singular commitment from generation to generation. No fads, no computers, no fancy technology. ‘Traditional’ is a word that comes to mind, but its present day connotations with hackneyed Scotch Whisky marketing hype do this particular distillery an injustice.

Springbank is a monolith of Scotch done right - they're small - in fact, one of Scotland's smallest distilleries. They’re also family owned. Small batches and experimental runs are their bread and butter. More importantly, they maintain complete control of the production process - from their own water source, to the floor maltings, through to a seventy hour fermentation which is one of the slowest in the industry.

One of the most anticipated releases in the Scotch whisky calendar, Springbank’s annual, all-natural 12 year old never fails to impress. By all reports, this is one you’re not wanting to miss. Unfortunately the allocation for Australia is miniscule - buy one and you'll wish you had a second.


Tasting Notes: 

Aromas of damp earth, sea salt, black pepper and pineapple that fill the nose.

The palate offers notes of vanilla, fudge, salted caramel, milk chocolate and honeycomb that linger in the finish.