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Whisky Trail, Strathclyde 1993 28YO (700ml)


Whisky Trail,

Strathclyde 1993 (28YO)

58.1% ABV


Elixir distillers exciting range The Whisky Trail focuses on the lesser known distilleries and unique expressions from some familiar favorites. The Whisky Trail represents drams that stray from the beaten path and into unfamiliar but exciting territory. 


This 28 year old Strathclyde Single Grain Whisky was distilled in 1993 and bottled in 2022 after maturing in an ex-Bourbon barrel by Meadowside Blending for the Whiskey Trail series.


Region: Lowlands.


Tasting Notes:

Nose: An expensive vanilla bean candle burns on a polished wooden side table. Warm brioche rolls are heavily dusted with confectioner’s sugar. A jar of unrefined caster sugar infuses with split vanilla pods. There is a faint hint of freshly sawn wood in the background.

Palate: The palate has a rich, unctuous and syrupy mouthfeel. Boiled condensed milk caramel is layered with rich, melted Belgian chocolate to provide a dip for skewers of cookie dough and marshmallow cubes.

Finish: Decadent, silky smooth and luxurious! More, please!